5/4/2021 - Cancel culture

Today i shall be expresing my views on cancel culture

To everyone on twitter who is cancelling someone - how ungodly fucking retarded are you? Cancel culture has no purpose to exist and it does not have a single upside.
Heres some advice for you, if you want somebody to be punished for doing something illegal - REPORT THEM TO THE FUCKING POLICE, all that you are doing is tainting evidence
as at some point the small credibility you did have will be overtaken by drama whores, riding on the situation for attention. And most people that are "canceled" come back
a couple weeks or even days later to continue making videos because they have not been actually punished, because most of the time the whole situation was fucking wrong and
actually had a different angle that explains it a lot better, huh, IT'S LIKE NOT EVERY FUCKING SITUATION IS BLACK AND WHITE YOU DUMBFUCK RETARTED BRAINLETS.

The crossfire:
Theres in another huge issue that cancel culture causes, the crossfire. A lot of people have been "cancelled", they have bounced back after some time and continued on to make videos.
But you know who hasn't bounced back from a controversy? ProJared. ProJared was a gaming youtuber who mostly specialized in comedic review videos. He was then accused of:
having an extramarital affair with another gaming YouTuber, soliciting sexually explicit photos from his fans, and lying to and gaslighting her along every step of the way to finding out the truth.
His career was fucking destroyed. He lost a ton of fans, his public image was ruined and do you know why? Because he took to long to release a response. Most people still don't know this, but he debunked
the whole situation and it turns out he was not in the wrong. But by the time he released his response, no one was listening, everyone had left and his image was ruined. And there is a strong reason for this
which describes, in my opinion the biggest problem with cancel culture.

The impulse:
I don't think most people realise this but when a controversy or a "cancelation" starts, along with it starts a timer. To explain you must understand that most people who are cancelling are around 13-20 years old.
These people have an attention span shorter than the memory of a goldfish. And i know that because my attention span is that short. So what happens when somebody starts getting accused? Most people believe the accuser
instantly because the one being accused has not responded yet. They do not have a grasp on the situation and they do not want to wait for a response, they want to be angry. And more and more people are joining because
they are instantly tweeting about their opinion. And heres some advice, if you do not know these people personally, if you were not part of the drama, keep your fucking mouth shut about whats right and whats wrong.
You do not know the situation and all you are doing is flooding the internet with your viewpoint that taints the actual situation. If you're lucky the accused will respond and explain the whole situation.
Showing that even though they might not have been in the right, they are not bad people. So whats the solution?

The solution:
There is a very simple solution, report the person to the police if they did something illegal and you have proof of it. If they didn't do something illegal, it probably isn't worth talking about.
If you report the person to the police and they find the person guilty, their whole career, their life will be ruined. And the one in the wrong will be punished. And if they are not in the wrong,
nothing bad will happen, the persons public image won't be ruined. Because even though you can completely debunk a false situation. People will most likely be exposed to it during the start at its peak,
and they will see anything relating to the person and say - "Hey isn't that the guy who raped a kid?" or anything they have been accused of.

Cancel culture does not exist to stop bad people, it exists because the people cancelling have nothing more interesting in their lives and this is them thinking they are doing something good.
They will post a tweet expressing how they think the person being accused is in the wrong and should be destroyed, because they just want to do something and to think that they are a hero.
But they don't understand the amount of damage they have done and how many peoples public image will be ruined, even if they have not done anything wrong.